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I'm MEG. Silly, sleepy and a crazy bunny and crazy cat lady. I'm studying Visual Arts and am aspiring to become a full time artist. (I post a lot of my WIPs and arty things on my Instagram, go check it out!)

I watch many shows, read many books, fangirl over many many things.

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THIS IS SICKENING. It’s disgusting. People disgust me. This guy expects people to send nude images that he could easily spread and manipulate. Does he expect that no woman in the world has any dignity or self respect?!

To see this under the tag ‘no one loves me’ really makes me mad. I was scrolling down, seeing all these beautiful people not feeling so good about themselves and it disheartened me. I felt I should make a post about how special each and every person (minus Anons) on Tumblr is but then this reminded me what kind of sick, disgusting and heartless people there are. But he thinks that ‘no one loves him’ because they have some dignity and don’t feel that stripping down all their clothes will show affection towards another. At least not love; lust, maybe, but not love.


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